Fixed Mount Solution

Powerful Processing
The PM5211NTEL-Overwatch LE ALPR (embedded processing) system, enables LPR over two lanes of traffic in a self-contained configuration. The entire system was designed from the inception for optimum LPR performance in a robust and secure package.

Designed for simplified deployment
The PM5211NTEL-Overwatch LE ALPR system was developed with ease of installation in mind. The system connects with only one ethernet cable and all processing is done at the camera. Connect directly to modem or switch. No computer at edge required for processing! Mount-Connect-Point …. It’s that simple!

• Superior Performance accross 2 Lanes
• IP68 Nitrogen Purged
• Military Grade Aluminum Housing
• Embedded Processor
• POE Power
• CAT& cable can be field terminated
• High Output Intelligent IR
• Extended range to 120′
• Make/Color/Classification
• Manufactured in the USA


• Intelligent Dual IR/Color HD Cameras
• Embedded Processor
• Day and Night Operation
• High Output Intelligent I/R
• Single IR wavelength for ALL States
• Vehicle Speeds in excess of 200mph
• Power Consumption: Nominally 12W
• Small Form Factor: 7.S”w x 6.8″d x 2.l”h
• Weight: 4.2 lbs.
• Military Grade 1080p Cameras
• Housing: IP68 Rating, Military Grade Aluminum
• Nitrogen Purged
• Temperature Range: -20C to +65C
• Single Ethernet Connectivity-POE+


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