Trailer Mount Solution

The PM P521 T Overwatch LE Speed Display Trailer has a 18″ tall character display and when in full operating position, stands over 8 feet tall. The speed display sign folds down creating a low trailer profile for easy transport and storage. Standard features include high & low speed blanking, flashing digit violator alert and traffic management arrows.

Optional features include our violator alert system (a flashing strip of red and blue LED’s and/or the distinct “SLOW DOWN” message in red LED’s) when approaching vehicles do not slow to the selected speed. Also available is our Overwatch LE ALPR Package, which records the time, date and speed of oncoming vehicles without the use of cumbersome pneumatic tubes placed across the street! Please see the reverse for complete details

Standard Features

• Single directional K-band radar unit
• 18″ Amber AllnGaP LED full graphic display characters
• Display protected by 3/16″ GE Lexan® with a tinted, non-glare finish
• Automatic intensity adjustment to ambient light conditions
• 18″ x 24″ MUTCD R2-1 speed sign / 5-65 MPH overlays
• Keyed On/Off switch
• RF key fob for remote set up (100’+)
• One (1) 92 A/hr AGM aviation grade battery (7-10 days operation between charges)
• Single cycle 24 hour ON/OFF clock
• Flashing Digit Violator Alert
• Directional Traffic Arrow Patterns
• Minimum Display Speed / High Speed Cut-off
• Unit defaults to last settings upon power up


• 2″ tubular steel space-frame chassis
• Polyester powder coat finish over high zinc epoxy primer
• 4.80 x 13 ST tires on 5 lug automotive type hubs
• (3) Stabilizer jacks with a 750 lb capacity each. Capable of raising the trailer up to 8″ from ground height
• Full 7″ wide, 14 gauge steel fenders
• 2″ Class II ball coupler
• 2000 lb rated axle
• Leaf spring suspension
• Taper roller bearings
• Curb Weight: 580 lbs

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• Violator alerts*
• Red-Blue Flashing Bars
• White LED Photo-Flash simulation
• Additional batteries for extended deployment
• 10″ x 50″ Scrolling VMS message display
• Overwatch Traffic Count Statistics Package
• Solar panel
• Trailer cover
• Locking lug nuts
• Ball receiver lock
• Boot style wheel immoblizer

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Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

Peacemaker Technologies warrants their LED Displays for Five Years. The Radar Gun is warranted for Two years. On-site labor is not included. However, parts are repaired within five business days of receipt, and include groundshipping expenses. Warranty does not include physical damage from misuse or vandalism.


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