Vehicle Mount Solution

Powerful Processing at the Edge
The PMP521VM- Overwatch LE ALPR system is an innovative, low cost solution for Mobile LPR. The entire system was designed from inception for optimum LPR performance in a robust and secure package.

Designed for simplified deployment
The PMP521VM- Overwatch LE ALPR system was developed with ease of installation in mind. The system with only one ethernet cable. Mount-Connect-Point.. .. It’s that simple!

• Superior Performance
• IP68 Nitrogen Purged
• Military Grade Aluminum Housing
• POE Power
• CAT& cable can be field terminated
• High Output Intelligent IR
• Extended range to 65′
• Make/Color/Classification
• Manufactured in the USA


• Dual IR/Color HD Cameras
• Day and Night Operation
• High Output Intelligent I/R
• Single IR wavelength for ALL States
• Vehicle Speeds in excess of 200mph
• Power Consumption: <12W
• Single Ethernet Connectivity-POE
• Small Form Factor: 4.S”w x 4.S”d x 1.9″h
• Weight: 1.5 lbs.
• Specialized HD Cameras
• Housing: IP68 Rating, Military Grade Aluminum
• Nitrogen Purged
• Temperature Range: -20C to +70C


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