Hardware as a Subscription

Focusing on policing, not maintaining computers

Quit stressing over outdated equipment, maintenance, warranties, and large capital purchases. Our hardware-as-a-subscription solution provides state-of-the-art computing technology needed to deploy a stress free and successful mobile data computing platform – zero upfront costs and zero equipment headaches.

Peacemaker Technologies Hardware-as-a-Subscription is the answer to the age-old question of maintaining technology, ensuring a stable technology platform, disposal of obsolete equipment and most importantly how to achieve more with a limited budget.

No upfront costs

We just eliminated the largest obstacle standing between you and worry-free computing.

Budget Consistency

Win the budgeting battle with a predictable monthly or annual payment.**

Worry Free

Your mission is critical, and we are there when you need us! 24/7 Phone Support, 3yr No-Fault Warranty and Advanced Equipment Replacement to ease your mind.

Hardware Refresh

Let obsolete technology be a thing of the past. Receive a technology refresh every 37th month.***

Solve all your computer woes immediately! Everything needed to run a successful technology platform can be included in a simple straight forward subscription payment. *

Our team of specialists are standing by to assess needs, develop a plan, and assist with presentations for governing bodies. Once approval is obtained our professional deployment and installation teams will prepare, schedule, and travel onsite to perform installations.

*Annual subscriptions available
**Pricing based on package and equipment
***Must be current and under active contract to receive technology refresh

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