Are you trapped in the world of required technology refreshes with a budget that cannot sustain replacements?

Recent events have forever changed the way public safety agencies will conduct operations. Keeping your agencies computer hardware current is more critical than ever, however it is not always feasible given budget constraints.

Founded by a group of Public Safety professionals, Peacemaker Technologies recognizes the constraints and dilemmas in which most agencies operate. It was this knowledge that led to the advent of the Peacemaker Technology Assurance Program.

Warning, this is not a leasing program. It’s so much more!

The Peacemaker Technology Assurance program eliminates obsolescence, provides support, overcomes equipment disposal issues, guarantees residual value with each new purchase, and most importantly protects 100% of your purchase during the specified term.



How does it work?


It begins with a needs-based analysis to determine what hardware components are required by an organization. Based on this analysis, a selection of hardware components is performed. Agencies are provided a 36-month proposal with an option full payment, annual payment terms, or a down payment with monthly payment terms. The proposal will also include a guaranteed residual value towards any future Peacemaker Technologies contract* *


Upon receipt of an executed contract the computer hardware will be manufactured***. All hardware components included in the contract will carry a 3-year “No-Fault” warranty with only one limitation of a single screen breakage allowed (per unit) per year. The equipment will be installed by a Peacemaker Technologies trained professional utilizing its own power distribution unit and timer to avoid equipment conflict or battery drainage.


Once the contract term expires (36 months), agencies may purchase the equipment for $1.00 USD or renew the Tech Assurance Program contract. Renewal contracts will include the residual value from the initial contract applied in the form of a discount towards standard pricing of new equipment at the time of renewal.


Residual value is determined by the amount of equipment on contract. Manufacturing varies from 4 to 8 weeks depending on order quantity.


  • Budget Friendly – Flexible Payment Options
  • Eliminate Technology Refresh Hassles
  • Enterprise Class Operating System
  • State of the Art Equipment (SSD, 16GB RAM, GPS, Camera, 2D Bar Code Reader
  • Multiple Packages and Solutions
  • Peace of mind, 3 year “No-Fault” Warranty
  • Turnkey Solution – Includes Onsite Installation
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 48 Hours Replacement/Loaner Guarantee
  • Guaranteed Residual with Renewal
What is Peacemaker Tech Assurance?