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rugged tablet patrol mount peacemaker technologies

We get it.

You are a small agency with a small budget. Or essentially no budget

You might still be handwriting tickets or have outdated technology.

We truly understand.

Peacemaker Technologies was created for you. We know first-hand the challenges of doing more with less.

This year with cutbacks your budget is likely to be even less. And, with the added accountability policies that are rolling out, you will likely be expected to do even more.

Doing more with less sounds stressful, right?

Well, don’t sweat it. We can help.

Reporting, tracking, and profiling are effortless if you have the right technology in place. Otherwise, you will find yourself compiling data by hand which is not only time-consuming but leaves room for error.

Peacemaker Technologies has a program to help you.

There is no catch.

There is no gimmick.

This is a straightforward program that will help equip your agency with Mobile Data Computers (MDC) to make your day more efficient and help you keep pace with the larger agencies.

The plan is called the Tech Assurance Plan.

This program is unique in the industry. It allows smaller agencies to obtain our MDC complete solutions (tablet/keyboard/mount/printer/modem) along with a three-year no-fault warranty.

We offer the option for you to pay it out in three no-interest payments, in three years. At the end of three years, renew your contract, return your equipment for credit and receive all NEW equipment.

If that’s not enough, Peacemaker also offers Hardware as a Service, which allows you to make an initial down payment of $1500/unit and pay $119-$179/mo (depending on options)

. Clearly, there is something for any agency, any budget.


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