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COVID-19 has brought many challenges to the public safety field, including the safety of law enforcement officers and constituents who are in need of filing a police report. Many offices are running on limited staff, limited hours, or even closed offices and are in need of ways to innovate to continue to keep the public’s safety on top priority while also operating with limited resources during these challenging times.

Rugged tablets are aiding the efforts of public safety and law enforcement offices in a variety of ways by enabling the public to continue to file reports, do background checks and pay tickets while also keeping staff and the public safe. Rugged tablets are mobile, durable, and antimicrobial.

Rugged tablets in law enforcement offices can be used for the following duties:

  • File a report (crime, accident, burglary, stolen items, etc.)
  • Fingerprinting and background checks
  • Lost and found
  • Parking violations payments and  clear fix-it tickets
  • Copies of reports

Rugged Tablets are Portable

A staff member or officer can use a rugged tablet while standing outside to allow anyone who needs to file a police report or pay a ticket or citation. This protects staff members working inside the station from the spread of the virus while making it convenient for report filing or other tasks they may need to submit at the office. Tablets are lightweight and flexible to carry from one location to another. Tablets can also be put on carts that are wheeled in front of an office for the day and wheeled inside at night. Tablets on wheels make it convenient for people to come to the station and file what they need at a kiosk rather than filing with a person inside, thus reducing the risk of spreading COVID even further. Many kiosks can be set up for convenience and fast processing.

Rugged Tablets are Durable

Built to withstand harsh environments, drops, and spills rugged tablets are manufactured to be used in demanding environments. Everything is built directly into the tablet to prevent external parts from being exposed and potentially damaged or harmed during use.  Peacemaker Technologies tablets are built to withstand a lot of use, perfect for public use for filings and reports. If a tablet is dropped it will survive a drop up to 4 feet high. Rugged tablets also require less maintenance over time because they are manufactured for durability.

Rugged Tablets are Antimicrobial

Rugged tablets can come with an antimicrobial enclosure to reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria. Antimicrobial enclosures allow people to handle the tablet without worrying about spreading germs. For the upcoming flu season, rugged tablets are the perfect tool for law enforcement offices to cater to the citizens they serve, while reducing the risks of spreading germs and viruses. Our rugged tablets mounted on carts are the perfect product for this job as they can be wheeled outside of the facility to allow the public to file without coming into the building. At the end of the day, the carts can be wheeled back inside, and a staff member can be outside at a safe distance to answer questions that may arise.

Rugged tablets are the perfect choice for assisting during the pandemic to keep public safety facilities open, while also keeping staff and the public safe.


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