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Keep public service professionals safe by upgrading equipment

So many things have changed for all of us as a result of the pandemic.

Many of the regulations now in place are here to stay and almost all industries are having to adjust some if not all of their protocols in response.

Public safety professionals and first responders are no exception.

Peacemaker Technologies has equipment that will serve as a long-term solution to implement the CDC’s best practice guidelines for public safety response to infectious diseases.

Now, thanks to the American Rescue Act, there is funding available for departments to upgrade to this fully antimicrobial/medical-grade equipment to help ensure the safety of officers and first responders by stopping the spread of disease.

This equipment will reduce potential exposure to COVID19 by decreasing the number of face-to-face interactions with citizens. It will also mitigate the spread of COVID-19 among public safety personnel who, by the nature of their employment, are more likely to encounter COVID-19 and or contract the disease on a daily basis as a result of their constant public encounters.

Our flagship PM series products include the first and only fully antimicrobial/medical grade mobile data computers for use inside of public safety vehicles.

This unique function eliminates the need to utilize sanitizer or harsh chemicals to disinfect electronic devices which are utilized or handled by multiple individuals hundreds of times daily. Continued exposure of chemicals is proven to damage or even render critical electronic components inoperable.

Choosing antimicrobial equipment saves your department long-term expenditures.

We also offer Peacemaker Live – another industry first – that allows officers to interact with citizens wishing to report criminal activity via a secure video conference that is recorded and stored as evidentiary video. We believe this solution will reduce numerous costs and increase officer safety associated with policing. Peacemaker Live will further reduce officer complaints and assertions of officer abuse while giving citizens a meaningful and pleasant face-to-face experience with officers.

Here is a list of all of the products that qualify for funding under the American Rescue Act:

  • PM813 – 13.3” Antimicrobial Military/Medical Grade 2-in-1 laptop for Public Safety
  • PM504T – 24” Antimicrobial Medical Grade All-in-One Desktop Computer
  • PM504XL – 27” Antimicrobial Medical Grade All-in-One Desktop Computer
  • E320/E320X/E320XL Rugged Convertible Laptop
  • Peacemaker Live
  • Numerous Antimicrobial / Dishwasher Safe Mice and Keyboards
  • UV-C Disinfection and Device Management for mobile electronics and high touch items.

Keeping officers, first responders, and public safety professionals safe has always been a priority for Peacemaker Technologies

The strategy behind Peacemaker Live Software and Antimicrobial Equipment is to bring life-saving tools and practices to public safety as a long-term and sustainable antidote to COVID19 and other Public Health Emergencies.

We are proud once again to support the efforts of local government and public safety professionals nationwide under the American Rescue Act of 2021 by joining the effort to stop the spread of COVID-19.

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Disclaimer: Peacemaker Technologies, LLC does not offer legal advice. We are assisting in providing general information on grants and relief fund packages available. This is provided as a convenience and does not ensure or promise that grants/relief fund monies will be distributed to your entity or non-profit. Please refer to the US Department of Treasury, National Association of Counties, or seek legal advice to any questions regarding documents and information to be provided to government agencies.


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